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This is a blog about me Joe Wize and my pursuit of being successful in life and in music. I’m a writer and composer with a great knowledge of music production. I run a private music studio out of Queens NYC where I meet very successful artist as well as new up and comers. I deal with many different people, situations, emotions, record labels, independent, majors, film directors everyday and this blog is a window into my life and shows who I am and what I’m about.

Jackie and Me

Every week I will post a little what’s going on with me, either a song, a picture, some music, or an idea that will be the best representation of my thoughts and feelings.

Working with many quality situations in the music business affords me the opportunity to meet people of all different cultures. Some of them are exciting and yet some will make you shake you head and laugh. The trend in music and the internet makes everything more personal so this is my life’s story.







So cheers!!! and thanks for visiting…

Chillin in New Orleans

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Joe Wize


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  1. David A.Andrews Avatar
    David A.Andrews

    I;d like to thank Joe Wize for giving me the opportunity to work with him and his new and exciting artist/vocalist Eve Soto. The experience has been a very rewarding and delightful one. I hope to be a vital part of any future projects, events and productions. Again I want to say thank you Joe for having faith & trust in me to get the job done in a most professional and courteous manner. I love what your doing and how your setting the world on fire through music,song & video. gRaCe & pEaCe. Dave Andrews-Bass

  2. Run Joe, Why Don't You Run Avatar

    No problem, your a professional and I like professional peeps.