It’s Tough Running A Small Independent Label With Great Talent And No Money

I try to find creative ways in marketing but sooner or later you hit a wall. Usually when you drop and EP or a CD you may get a spike in sales at the beginning then there’s a sharp drop off. At this time you have to be even creative and professional in getting enough people to take notice of what your doing with what your trying to sell. Here in lies the dilemma as in any business or entrepreneurship, you start by looking to secure capital or and investor when your ready to put your marketing/branding plan into action. If you make the choice of bringing someone in, then you stand to lose a good amount of control over your projects. This can be good and bad, in my case bad and I’ll tell you why. I’ve put together a marketing/branding plan and was consistent enough to get the artist ready to shine, meaning making enough buzz and bring more attention to higher music industry professionals, the person I’ve brought in project had there own dreams and aspirations on the artist and tried to take the artist whole marketing plan in a different old dated direction. Swearing and being stubborn about how to make the artist more successful. Meanwhile systematically tearing down relationships the the artist and I’ve built to get this point. Even tearing down the relationship between the artist and I by filling there ears with b.s.  So your taken real risk by bring someone into the situation on the 11 hour.

What I’m really trying to say is really vet a person or persons before you do business with them and only work with people you feel comfortable with. There will be always a little tension in the air when doing business that is a insanely passionately but you should always keep people around you that if these situations go down, you can get through and move on and build and grow from there.

The vetting doesn’t stop there either you have to also do this for the artist who you work with because as you start making the artist more popular you will see a change in them. Now the kind of change should be a good change meaning more engaging to fans and business exec’s. You want no divas and you want to make sure they keep listening to also. of course you want there input in how you grow a project but should work with them thinking they know it all and don’t need you. At that point in time it’s time for you to move on.

Fortunately I’ve been lucky and talented enough that I can always reproduce, replace and recreate. If you want to know where I’m currently at, check some of the talent on indiggochild’s website.

In conclusion I’d like to say I wrote this to show you some of the crazy things I’ve went through in order that you can save time, energy and money when putting out a musical project. These things are just one aspect of many things in making a project successful.


This Week I Was Photographer For Indiggo Child Productions

I need pictures for the promotion of the artist I working with. So I put on my photography hat for 2 days. I think the images came out awesome. I worked 2 full 8 hour days May 6 for Eve Soto’s flicks and May 7 for Livia Prescott’s flicks. Here’s just a taste from Eve’s keep in mind we have a lot of different feels.

Eve Soto Indiggo Child Production

Eve Soto Indiggo Child Production


























We also had to take some pic’s for here teachers project.


Here’s a taste for the artist Livia Prescott


Livia Prescott Indiggo Child Production

Livia Prescott Indiggo Child Production


Livia Prescott Indiggo Child Production

It’s all about improving skills as aphotographer as music producer, web designer, video director and video editor is all in the process getting better. I’m working hard to improve on all these points. I will put some behind the scenes video on the web. You can check it on my Youtube channel. As it stands I’m very excited for the future and get the name out of the the artist I’m working with.

Refresh On The Black Xavier Project

We recorded the hooks for the last addtion to “The Black Xavier” project this past week. And yes everyone I’m singing on one of them. I sound like a “The Beatles” harmony when I sing by the way. SO Yes I sound a little you know what.

Today I sat down with TBX to plan out or talk out as you say some of the treatment on his video’s that went real well. Especially for a song call “Can’t Walk In My Shoes”. It’s one to remember.

We also talk about being excepted and how people give there opinion on the internet. He stated that maybe I shouldn’t put certain things on the net because people might tear it down or think bad of an artist or look. My purpose in putting not refined work on the internet is show the growth of an artist and how much work they have to put into themselves to build  there career in order to get noticed. So you may see an artist from Indiggo Child that doesn’t sound to crisp and then in 6 month till a year they’re are amazing. Believe me there is  definitely a process.

To be perfectly succinct opinions are like asshole everyone has one of them and some people all they do is hate. They live there day to hater. Some people you can’t please no mater what you do. You can look on any blog list and get what I’m talking about. I mostly check and news and there’s always haters. So I chose to take the high road and just DEGAF about there opinions.

Now that I’ve Got The Music and Right Artist…

Indiggo Child Productions

Now that I’ve got the music and the right Artist my focus this year will be to make the artist I’m working with more successful. Which means developing their brand and building their fan base. I have the know how but I haven’t made it mandatory with artist in collecting emails after the shows. I’m looking to sell more individual units of each artist, publicize them and try to make them a household name in there markets. The main thing is being consistent. It’s hard when everyone is focused on different things but I will give it a herculean effort.

Also I will do the same for myself building my brand and building my resume. I can’t wait. Looks like it’s gonna be a fun year. 🙂