When I Let You Go – RunJoeRun f. Koko Charli (video)


When I Let You Go – RunJoeRun f. Koko Charli

A great video is done independently with RunJoeRun and Kokok Charli for there new release “When I Let You Go”. The third release from RunJoeRun’s collab0ration with Koko Charli. The awesome song written by Koko Charli under the unique EDM Pop sound of RunJoeRun. We trying to make it shine when it’s dark outside. The lyrics are relationship based. A unique vision takes place with the shooting location in New York City and Central Park.

When I Let You Go – RunJoeRun f. Koko Charli

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Producing Monster EDM Tracks

Producing Monster EDM tracks is a process  and has a little learning curve.

This week I’ve been doing a lot of research on the different kinds of dance music currently out. After my head stop spinning I’ve learn there’s quite a few.

1. House

2. Progressive House

3. Melborne

4. Dubstep

5. Deep House

6. Electro

7. Drum & Bass

8. EDM  (mixture of all combined)

Also I’ve learn that withing the genres of dance music they used bits and pieces of each other and interchange them.

Here is a group that I’m recommended reddit group