An Update on My Latest RunJoeRun Release

I’ve been trying to complete my project but it’s taking longer then I thought. Mainly due to finding time coordinating everyone who’s involved schedules. It’s a big difference when you’re working for yourself and working a regular job. Below is a video of my latest update. I’m featuring Ryan Binning on this project along with Morenito one artist to be announced.

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Working With New Artist

Working With New Artist

Kevin Littlejohn & Sara Solistice hopefully doing big things. New music, new feels and people are always good. Let’s see how far we can take. Also I intend to put more images on my Run JoeRun website. I’m only doing the music for these people I’m going to be doing more music for X-Menn, Tec from Smif and Wesson and The Black Xavier. Coco Charlie is going to South Korea to expand her I wish you good luck and a safe return so we can work on more music. Time to put up shut up. Also gave Leslyn a Good amount of tracks to work with for writing. Got give would SOAQ and finish up his album. Things to do… And I love it

Good News, Joe

Good News I woke up this this morning and I thank God for another day.  I have decent friends and a decent life. I mean you only live once so you try to live it to the fullest. I’m about to start that big workout program for spring and summer. I actually can’t wait for summer to get here because it’s be one hell of a winter. I mean from the grinding category. Working for yourself sometimes can be a bitch so you have to go about it smart.