Reach For What You Want

In life, you have to reach for what you want or get left behind. Some people are ready to put in the hard work, some people are not. The people who are a success are usually the ones that put in the work and they are reaping the rewards. He’s a soundtrack vibe I wrote to express this feeling.

Make your art sell on its own so they can’t tell you shit!

It’s really quite interesting when you’re an artist and you come up with a concept and you complete your art with a certain direction only to be told by an industry exec that the concept can’t make money. But your initial direction was not to make money was just to make art. Got to have thick skin when you’re an artist and stay true to who you are and really know what you’re trying to present. Not everybody’s going to love what you do just as long as you do.

If you’re going to chase the rabbit, get ready to jump through hoops and become something who you’re not.

If you want to do it without the majors, make your art sell on its own so they can’t tell you shit!

Sitting at Flushing Marina

Raining listening to all of the music I created last year. My first thoughts really ‘not half bad’. I have to figure away to release them. I don’t want to give it away but all the steaming music (spotify, pandora, beats) companies are trying to rape us musicians. Really 1000th of a penny for a stream. Who can live off this. It’s a shame I thought my music career would lead to bigger and better things. Now all I have is questions. Because the only people getting paid is these steaming services. How can you really get paid for what you love when it’s not lucrative anymore?