Reach For What You Want

In life, you have to reach for what you want or get left behind. Some people are ready to put in the hard work, some people are not. The people who are a success are usually the ones that put in the work and they are reaping the rewards. He’s a soundtrack vibe I wrote to express this feeling.

What does this track make you feel? – The Joseph Postell Project

from: Joe Wize

What does this track make you feel?

It’s called Epptitude and it’s from my personal project called “The Joseph Postell Project”

Listen To The Epptitude.mp3

It makes me feel like I’m Hiking on a tall mountain overlooking a beautiful scenic valley.

from my runjoerun blog

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The skin of the blue sky transforms me
The color wind of the valley transforms me

Peace be with you on your life’s journey’s

Crazy Destiny


One day I had so much energy so I created this it’s called “Crazy Destiny”. It’s how I feel when dealing with people in there pursuing of what they most want in life.