An Update on My Latest RunJoeRun Release

I’ve been trying to complete my project but it’s taking longer then I thought. Mainly due to finding time coordinating everyone who’s involved schedules. It’s a big difference when you’re working for yourself and working a regular job. Below is a video of my latest update. I’m featuring Ryan Binning on this project along with Morenito one artist to be announced.

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Producing Monster EDM Tracks

Producing Monster EDM tracks is a process  and has a little learning curve.

This week I’ve been doing a lot of research on the different kinds of dance music currently out. After my head stop spinning I’ve learn there’s quite a few.

1. House

2. Progressive House

3. Melborne

4. Dubstep

5. Deep House

6. Electro

7. Drum & Bass

8. EDM  (mixture of all combined)

Also I’ve learn that withing the genres of dance music they used bits and pieces of each other and interchange them.

Here is a group that I’m recommended reddit group



Final Mixing

Final mixing is so hard sometimes because you have to be creative musically and then after you have to be creative technically. This week I mix one of Eve Soto tracks along with Soaq’s tracks. It came out very good but when you mix there is always something else to do. I do admit though that after years of doing this gig my skills have gotten really good.

This Week I Was Photographer For Indiggo Child Productions

I need pictures for the promotion of the artist I working with. So I put on my photography hat for 2 days. I think the images came out awesome. I worked 2 full 8 hour days May 6 for Eve Soto’s flicks and May 7 for Livia Prescott’s flicks. Here’s just a taste from Eve’s keep in mind we have a lot of different feels.

Eve Soto Indiggo Child Production

Eve Soto Indiggo Child Production


























We also had to take some pic’s for here teachers project.


Here’s a taste for the artist Livia Prescott


Livia Prescott Indiggo Child Production

Livia Prescott Indiggo Child Production


Livia Prescott Indiggo Child Production

It’s all about improving skills as aphotographer as music producer, web designer, video director and video editor is all in the process getting better. I’m working hard to improve on all these points. I will put some behind the scenes video on the web. You can check it on my Youtube channel. As it stands I’m very excited for the future and get the name out of the the artist I’m working with.

Music Production

My approach to music production is to create music that’s not the norm and with a commercial feel. I think today many tracks on the radio sound similar because labels like to follow trends. Mainly because they think by doing this it will sell records. My way of sticking out is to create my own sound or create an artist own sound. My approach is to just let them be their selves. It’s important to just let a artist be their natural selves. The music will sound so much better and much more unique.

Boy I Enjoy Working With Her!!!


Boy I enjoy our music creations. Fay-o-la is a very talented music artist with a unique vocal ability. Her approach in lyric writing fits her character and expression. Shes Neo-Soul with influences in Jazz, Rock, and Pop. Your gonna adore her. 😎

Check out one of her songs from her upcoming album, It’s called “Love Is Love”


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Key steps to lookout for when recording multiple tracks of stacking vocals?



by: Joe Wize

The process of stacking vocals is used in most of the music you hear on the radio today. It’s a good way of creating a natural stereo and depth in your mix. Here are a few things from my experience to look out for.

1. Make sure that each tracks starts and ends at the same time.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having everything in key but the artist holds the notes at different lengths.

2. Make sure that all the tracks have all the same exact feel unless you are doing something on purpose.

If one is was sung low and the hard, or soft and aggressive, or childlike and deep opera like it will be very difficult to mix in the end.

3. Make sure that all the tracks are in the right key and in key?

Keep in mind that when some notes are hit they are very close but still may be out. You might be able to let these go if you stack enough tracks but I suggest you rerecord them. Train your ears so you know if two different pitches are the same or out. You may want to watch a guitar player tune his guitar to get the concept.

When two keys are the same you won’t hear to many sound waves if any, you’ll just hear one long one. It sounds like a repeating sound wave when notes are out. You should apply this to each of the vocals and to the vocals placed in the music because they all go together.

Overall these steps would be a good place to start when recording your next hit record.

Happy Music Creation And Production

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