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  • Here’s a New Song I produce for the X-Menn and The Black Xavier called ‘The Best’

    Let me know what you think. We shot this at Astoria park in Queens New York on a really overcast day.

  • New Single From The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

    The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’ Just got it mastered and it sounds monster working on May 20, 2014 release day. It’s featuring The Black Xavier, Natural L.G. and Tony Born. It’s bass driven punch and was created to show off the artist skills. This ones definitely for the clubs as it thumps. Also to co-inside…

  • Same Plan Different Players

    Same Plan Different Players I’m on and to the next when it comes to doing music projects. I guess you would really call it independent contracting. We tried, it didn’t work now it’s keep it moving. This is for all the projects under me. It works better this way. (X-Menn)

  • Shooting Adolph Johns Music Video Today “Mind Control”

    I’m gonna be shooting in and around Flushing Queens for the track called “Mind Control” off The Black Xavier’s album “Can’t Walk In My Shoes”. Should be a lot of fun. We have some dancers that will be performing in the music video.

  • Joe Runs With The Video This Week

    I like the way my most recent videos came out. Adolph Johns in the “They Want Me Dead” video and Eve Soto in “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”. I’m becoming more in depth with setting up the shot and concepts. I like being a DP sometimes to. Learning how to tell a story with vids…

  • The Black Xavier’s Album Is Coming Soon

    One of the most thrilling and show stopping concepts. The Black Xavier will be hitting the airwaves this summer 2011. With his sophomore album “Can’t Walk In My Shoes”. The world can’t wait.

  • Refresh On The Black Xavier Project

    We recorded the hooks for the last addtion to “The Black Xavier” project this past week. And yes everyone I’m singing on one of them. I sound like a “The Beatles” harmony when I sing by the way. SO Yes I sound a little you know what. Today I sat down with TBX to plan…