You know what sucks!?

When the season changes and you can’t workout outside anymore. :'( Last year I lost 35lbs by walking and just being out and about. I loved it so much because of how much I was experiencing and all the new environments I put myself in. Then when it began colder outside my motivation and drive just became non-existent. Oooh dam I hate it! It sucks! I’m gonna have a contingency plan for after this summer. Imma do my best to stick to it. Hope it works…

Progress: 297lbs and counting

New Single From The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

Just got it mastered and it sounds monster working on May 20, 2014 release day. It’s featuring The Black Xavier, Natural L.G. and Tony Born. It’s bass driven punch and was created to show off the artist skills. This ones definitely for the clubs as it thumps. Also to co-inside with the new X-Men release in the movies. So look out for it soon.