Losing Weight Is Hard

Man, losing weight is hard. I’ve been trying for years and it’s been almost impossible. I always lose about 15 pounds then I gain it back within a few months. It sucks and very depressing. I don’t want to get bariatric surgery but I’m leaning towards this closer and closer. Everyone that’s obese can tell you how difficult it is.

Weight Loss Update

So this not as big I’m down to

269 lbs from 320 lbs

. I was actually lower but working hard and hanging out parting for the end of summer has put a little crimp in my weight loss plans. But I’m back on track.

My total weight loss now is 51 lbs

I loss since April 2009. I definitely will work hard on losing a little more this upcoming month. Because I will be do a better job of monitoring of what I eat. Thanks to you all for your support. 😉

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Weight Loss Update

Wow this stays tough all the time, but I’m keeping at it.



273 lbs

Down from 286 lbs on July 8th

which was down from the original 320 lbs

Total weight loss=   47lbs and counting

Congratulate me 😉

Weight Loss – Thoughts, Truth and Myth

Fo Yo Mind

Fo Yo Mind

by Joe Wize

Has anyone every told you don’t eat before you sleep? It’s not good for you and you’ll gain weight. Well I’m here to say it’s a myth, it’s calories in calories out. So if your under you daily requirements of calories just eat because you will most likely starve and the hunger pains will more likely cause you to overeat the next morning. At most if you suffer from heartburn then this may not be a good idea but if you don’t there’s no problem. (background here)

I’d like to think the process of eating is like keeping a inefficient machine running. What you put in it and the balance of it’s care will determine how well it runs. I’ll used the metaphor of an old clunker that you need and drive to work everyday. If you keep up it’s maintenance than it starts up well and runs well and treats you well. But if give it the wrong gas and don’t give it’s yearly maintenance check, oil change and replace parts on time you stand a chance of being out in west bubblef**k and stranded.

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Weight Loss Pyschology

One thing which I learned pretty fast when I started shedding weight is that i have to keep up my calories when I eat everyday. It’s not about not eating it’s about eating the right foods and the right portions. My calories per day is about 1800 so I have to eat anything under that and I lose weight and quick or the norm which is about 2 to 3 lbs a week.

I find if I don’t keep those calories then I go down hill fast. I fill sluggish and in another zone. So it’s like setting a wall up or a line you don’t cross. As long as I eat right and keep busy on my feet then I’m cool.

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I Lost Weight

Yea I know some think it’s untrue but yes I lost weight. I think water weight because I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks. I want to keep it going so that’s why I’m putting out there in the universe. So everyone can help route and pray for me. Thank ya’ll in advance.