I’m back musically now 2015

So I think I’m back now,  it’s as if a heavy wool blanket was pulled over my eyes. Chains holding me back anchor me to the wall and ground causing confusion and not knowing which way to move. So now I’m off again to continue my journey in music working with amazing artist haven’t known that I have taken a break. They’ll off and doing big things Leslyn we’re in California Koko working in South Korea. I wish nothing but the best for them in their careers. My journey is sometimes confusing in mind-bending which takes me to all different sorts of directions. I hope this time I’m able to stay more focusing on track for a longer period of time. I know you supposed to share your heart with the world but sometimes you feel very possessive to the art you make because you don’t know if somebody else is profiting over your music. I guess trust comes into issue. We will see I will scrutinize more of my approach as I move forward. Try to get clear up on my sense of direction what god has planned for me. In the meantime I’d like for you to checkout all of what I’ve done already under RunJoeRun on YouTube and Markwisdom on YouTube. Check to you later…

P. S.– I know what’s the weight. And it really sucks!!!


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