Wow – Hard Work Do or Die

Wow if you could listen to some of the projects I’m working on you would be amazed. You will hear very soon. Can you say “Super amazingly talented”. That’s whats in store coming from the minds of the artist of Indiggo Child Records. Your gonna love it. It’s hard work and I love it, just can’t get ahead of myself. Some people love a 9-5 but most I know don’t. My hours are usually 8am to 3 or 4 am. I really love what I’m doing and I’m passionate about seeing every person I work with succeed to a point beyond their wildest dreams. Believe me that point is so close that it seem that we are already there.

Anyways will talk real soon and be sure to look out for the next release on Fayola and her website


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Stay Up!!!

Boy I Enjoy Working With Her!!!


Boy I enjoy our music creations. Fay-o-la is a very talented music artist with a unique vocal ability. Her approach in lyric writing fits her character and expression. Shes Neo-Soul with influences in Jazz, Rock, and Pop. Your gonna adore her. 😎

Check out one of her songs from her upcoming album, It’s called “Love Is Love”


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Creating A Buzz For My Music Projects

Creating A Buzz In The Music Business

Creating A Buzz In The Music Business

So I have a few music projects/albums finished. Besides getting them shows, getting them on internet radio, and press releases. I’d liked any other suggestions no matter how crazy it sounds on how to generate a buzz for an artist. Because I’m about to kick it in to high gear on the promotion and publicizing tip. Money or no money I’d like to know, whether in the music business or not. All good suggestions will be blessed with a free promotional song from Indiggo Child roster.

Thanks JW

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