I Need A $150,000 For Each Artist I’m Developing Under Indiggo Child Productions

$150,000 per music artist will secure on a independent level that I can properly promote, market and brand. I use to not know what to do with the money but from experience I know how to take that $150,000 and get $2,000,000 in service for each act.

The choice is do you want to take the commercial road or do you want to make immediate money road. The commercial road is always more expensive and it’s like gambling when you put money into the artist and your not guaranteed that you will see  profit or a good return. But if it works out right you can see huge profits and returns. The make money immediate road will surely get you money you put in back and more. The return will be good but not as much as the commercial road. We’re speaking specifically about using promotion, marketing and branding.

WOw! New Year’s Resolutions, Huh!?!?

So far there’s are a lot of opportunities when trying to complete my resolutions. (Which is good) It’s as if while on the journey, that when I turn over one stone there’s many more to be turned over. I’m finding it very difficult to consolidate and prioritize. Just trying to keep from being overwhelmed is a hour task but I’m giving it a great effort.

Music Production

My approach to music production is to create music that’s not the norm and with a commercial feel. I think today many tracks on the radio sound similar because labels like to follow trends. Mainly because they think by doing this it will sell records. My way of sticking out is to create my own sound or create an artist own sound. My approach is to just let them be their selves. It’s important to just let a artist be their natural selves. The music will sound so much better and much more unique.

Well I Reconfigured My Studio

I reconfigured my music studio. I like the way it feels now but it may take a little time to get my ears adjusted to the new configuration with me mixing and all. Some of my new tracks sound awesome. I’d like to put on the net but don’t know if I feel cool enough that the baddies will play nice.  But you know the more I think of it, the good may out weigh the bad. So maybe I’ll put a few mixes and a few tracks for people to get  a little taste of me and my style in who I am. So check back in a couple of days and I’ll have something to show you.

Meanwhile go check out a small video called “WInd” I’ve put together here and tell me what you think leave a comment on youtube

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