Key steps to lookout for when recording multiple tracks of stacking vocals?



by: Joe Wize

The process of stacking vocals is used in most of the music you hear on the radio today. It’s a good way of creating a natural stereo and depth in your mix. Here are a few things from my experience to look out for.

1. Make sure that each tracks starts and ends at the same time.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having everything in key but the artist holds the notes at different lengths.

2. Make sure that all the tracks have all the same exact feel unless you are doing something on purpose.

If one is was sung low and the hard, or soft and aggressive, or childlike and deep opera like it will be very difficult to mix in the end.

3. Make sure that all the tracks are in the right key and in key?

Keep in mind that when some notes are hit they are very close but still may be out. You might be able to let these go if you stack enough tracks but I suggest you rerecord them. Train your ears so you know if two different pitches are the same or out. You may want to watch a guitar player tune his guitar to get the concept.

When two keys are the same you won’t hear to many sound waves if any, you’ll just hear one long one. It sounds like a repeating sound wave when notes are out. You should apply this to each of the vocals and to the vocals placed in the music because they all go together.

Overall these steps would be a good place to start when recording your next hit record.

Happy Music Creation And Production

from my runjoerun blog