Welcome Back (feat. Eve Soto)

Check my new music video called Welcome Back. I show a small glimpse of what I’ve been going through recently with my health and sick stuff.

I give thanks to Eve Soto for blessing a song that I wrote. I recently started to increase my writing career as I usually work behind the scenes doing the production.

Personally, I like to thank my brother Terrence for staying with me and helping me get through this. Just getting out of bed and going to the bathroom was a challenge. So, thank you and I love you.

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Reach For What You Want

In life, you have to reach for what you want or get left behind. Some people are ready to put in the hard work, some people are not. The people who are a success are usually the ones that put in the work and they are reaping the rewards. He’s a soundtrack vibe I wrote to express this feeling.

Trying Times Trying Everybody’s Patience with COVID 19 and Politics

I sit here in my apartment in NYC on a beautiful but loud Wednesday morning, and I can’t keep from SMH. I’m always trying to keep an open mind when it comes to information and politics, but it becomes more and more difficult when trying to figure out the truth. I’m trying to find more research on the drug Ivermectin, but it seems all sources are not forthcoming or unprofessional.

Here’s my dilemma. You may have persons who catch COVID 19, get through it naturally, and live, and some don’t. People now say that taking Ivermectin will help with COVID. How do I know if these persons are just naturally immune? When I search the internet about the drug, many websites repeat what the CDC says that it isn’t safe. How do I know that the news corporations, doctors CDC don’t have their hands in billion-dollar pharma companies? Maybe they’re just trying to protect the vaccine just introduced. To be perfectly clear, I’ve taken the Moderna vaccine and was fine taken it. I have reservations that these companies are hiding something from the public. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a realist and I like to know as much information as I can. If any person knows more about where I can find real and honest information about this please point me in the right direction.

covid 19 protest

Christmas Time In Flushing NY During Christmas 2019

Trying to burn off some calories doing street photography in Flushing NY. It was after Christmas before the New Year, and I had to get out of the house to get a vibe of my neighborhoods. These are some pictures from my perspective.

End of Summer Photography at Little Bay Park In Queens NY

Joseph Postell Photography at Little Bay Park in Queens NY #1

I was enjoying the summer weather watching the sun go down at Little Bay Park in Queens NY. This is the view as the sun went down. I think it’s truly amazing to be alive.

Job Prevents Me From Being Creative

My Job Prevents Me From Being Creative RunJoeRun Image

My Job Prevents Me From Being Creative RunJoeRun Image

So it’s cooled down a little. Since the summer things have picked up at my regular job. Yes, My job prevents me from being creative. When you’re sensitive and you used the outside world to give you inspiration, the stress from everyday living can block you from being creative. I know first hand. Being a composer and artist I come up with creations. My job somewhat affords me to get this accomplished but not fully as I like to express and be creative in many different areas. I’m a composer, a graphic designer, a videographer, a photographer, a painter (even though I haven’t done this in years I’m great at this), a game designer, and I build websites. A master being an entrepreneur and a powerful marketer, I’m good but I always think I can learn something new. I’m only graded from my last success.

More and to the point, time will be put aside in order to get some of my creative projects finished.

Had the Best Time Watching an Aretha Franklin (Cover) – Eve Soto & The KnapperTime Players

Watching an Aretha Franklin (Cover) – Eve Soto & The KnapperTime

Good times were had watching an Aretha Franklin (Cover) – Eve Soto & The KnapperTime Players. Awesome show! I can’t wait until her next. Eve was performing on Labor Day weekend to a good size crowd and the energy was electric. I’m glad that I had time to experience it and meet the other talented artist that was in her show. If you get a chance try to catch her next show. More information at:



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