Reach For What You Want

In life, you have to reach for what you want or get left behind. Some people are ready to put in the hard work, some people are not. The people who are a success are usually the ones that put in the work and they are reaping the rewards. He’s a soundtrack vibe I wrote to express this feeling.

Christmas Time In Flushing NY During Christmas 2019

Trying to burn off some calories doing street photography in Flushing NY. It was after Christmas before the New Year, and I had to get out of the house to get a vibe of my neighborhoods. These are some pictures from my perspective.

Joseph Postell Photography at Little Bay Park in Queens NY #1

End of Summer Photography at Little Bay Park In Queens NY

I was enjoying the summer weather watching the sun go down at Little Bay Park in Queens NY. This is the view as the sun went down. I think it’s truly amazing to be alive.

My Job Prevents Me From Being Creative RunJoeRun Image

Job Prevents Me From Being Creative

My Job Prevents Me From Being Creative RunJoeRun Image

So it’s cooled down a little. Since the summer things have picked up at my regular job. Yes, My job prevents me from being creative. When you’re sensitive and you used the outside world to give you inspiration, the stress from everyday living can block you from being creative. I know first hand. Being a composer and artist I come up with creations. My job somewhat affords me to get this accomplished but not fully as I like to express and be creative in many different areas. I’m a composer, a graphic designer, a videographer, a photographer, a painter (even though I haven’t done this in years I’m great at this), a game designer, and I build websites. A master being an entrepreneur and a powerful marketer, I’m good but I always think I can learn something new. I’m only graded from my last success.

More and to the point, time will be put aside in order to get some of my creative projects finished.