So I Like Grinding – Who New?

How do you like my Photography?

Blue Road from Joseph Postell Photography


I like the feeling of being the master of my own destiny. Creating something from nothing. The process gives me a great feeling inside and the confidence to make anything happen. I like being my own boss because it requires being strong internally and mentally. I was struggling to promote my own brand, now I think I’m starting to understand what my brand is. Thank God. I felt lost for a little bit of time, by not having any outs. I’ve learn that by shifting focus I’m re-branding myself.

Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

It’s crunch time and I have perspective things in my mind that I want to achieve. I can only focus on one thin. That one is being a success in whatever take on or approach.

What I’ve learned is that my focus has to be only on one thing. Just get one thing accomplished before moving on to the next. I have a financial goal this year and I’m gonna reach it. Which means that I also have to keep my health goals in order. So I will be more stricter on my approach. I will focus on not getting sidetrack while focusing on producing results.

Results is what gets you paid.



I Having Trouble With My Sense Of Direction

RunJoeRun - Focus


Who has all the answers? Not me. I’ve been looking online for some inspiration and was surprised to find out how many people have an “expert opinion”. My opinion they’re in the same boat as everyone else. Call me a pessimist but that’s  my opinion.

Anyway my direction in music lately has been all over the place and it’s been hard to stay focus after not working on certain genres for a period of time. The new music I’ve been working which is more electronic in nature is more inspiring to me at this point then R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop.



Midnight coffee and exercise on a Friday night in June




Sitting in the pool hall/lounge drinking some ice coffee pondering if I should do a midnight workout. I’ve got 2 miles in front of me. Trying to get back on track with the healthy eating and blood sugar control. I had a scare today because it measured at 266-299-265. If I need anything to kick me in my ass that is it to get back on my diet and exercise routine. I love it because I can eat really good and often by staying away from complex carbohydrates and processed foods. While being and thriving on the move.

As I’m sitting here in the Carobe pool hall I’m listening to all the new dance EDM records and I’m just thinking I’ve got to step my game up. I’ve got to listen to the radio just a tad little more.