Why Am I Such A Cynic ?

I see the world in dark colors. When I was younger those colors were really vibrant. I want to accomplish more but every year it becomes tougher and tougher. I’m always wondering if people are feeling like me and are they just putting on a happy face to fool everybody? I’d like to believe in people but time after time they’ve let me down. I don’t see a difference in what they’re doing and what I’m doing except they do their task with a crazy amount of enthusiasm. I’m a true believer that if you think of something you can manifest it. But what happens when your mind is too cluttered to even think straight? Just something I”m thinking about.

Why Does It Seem So Hard to Enjoy Life?

You strive so hard to make it and you know it’s tough. I’m always under the understanding that life is a fight and to be on top you have to through haymakers all the time. With whatever industry you are in there is always a fight to prove yourself and move up to the next secure level. But is there a next secure level? It seems to me you never stop trying to prove yourself because if you did, you become obsolete.

Started Real Work

It’s what wanted and the money is good.  It alleviates some of the craziness that keeping my life from being the way I wanted. I  just hope I can keep this going and make it long term. We’ll see what happens good or bad.

Trying new things is always good!

I’m trying to go a little corporate. I took a job working for a big company and I like the feeling of being counted on. I just started this is my first week let’s see where this is going to take me. A new job and meeting new people is always good!


In relationships trying new things is always good!

In business

In life in general – you must push yourself and risk it!


RunJoeRun, X-Menn, Koko Charli and Shakti this week.

RunJoeRun, X-Menn, Koko Charli and Shakti

So I got a lot accomplished this week and it feels awesome. Two videos one for the X-Menn and the other for RunJoeRun f. Koko Charli. On top of that I worked with shopping this week she came to me last minute to do a track for her. It’s called ‘Ohm’. Can’t wait for you to hear it, with all the things that I do I know you going to love it because we put a lot of work into it. I got to find replacement Koko because she’s going to South Korea for three months I think. So I’m looking for a new artist to work to feature on the RunJoeRun project. So any male or female that’s available and want to be down with the project leave your information here on this website. I’ll definitely take a listen to what you have. Vocals and look have everything do with the people that I work with. Have to be interesting, Have to look interesting. Anyway we’ll talk soon signing out.

Hurry up and stop

It’s been weird but every single time I start the project it’s always a rush for conclusion, always pressure but yet I see no results. I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to see the fruitfulness of my work. I’m so discouraged in moving forward because I see no outcome results. There are a few lights that stand out from the end of the dark forest. My hope is not to let them down because of where I am at mentally. For right now I’m not going to worry about that, my intentions are to complete the projects. We will see where this life will take me. Can’t say I’m enthusiastic about it, but at least it’s something. A change is coming and it’s well deserved.

I’m back musically now 2015

So I think I’m back now,  it’s as if a heavy wool blanket was pulled over my eyes. Chains holding me back anchor me to the wall and ground causing confusion and not knowing which way to move. So now I’m off again to continue my journey in music working with amazing artist haven’t known that I have taken a break. They’ll off and doing big things Leslyn we’re in California Koko working in South Korea. I wish nothing but the best for them in their careers. My journey is sometimes confusing in mind-bending which takes me to all different sorts of directions. I hope this time I’m able to stay more focusing on track for a longer period of time. I know you supposed to share your heart with the world but sometimes you feel very possessive to the art you make because you don’t know if somebody else is profiting over your music. I guess trust comes into issue. We will see I will scrutinize more of my approach as I move forward. Try to get clear up on my sense of direction what god has planned for me. In the meantime I’d like for you to checkout all of what I’ve done already under RunJoeRun on YouTube and Markwisdom on YouTube. Check to you later…

P. S.– I know what’s the weight. And it really sucks!!!


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So Far So Good

I didn’t want to be where I was at the start of this year mentally and finacially and I’ve work hard to not be there. At the present I like the feeling of where I’m at and I’m gonna fight to stay here. I won’t give up my place without a fight.