Whas Up Everyone

Wow what’s up with this snow? Can you believe it.!?!?!? Will it ever end?

Anyway some projects that I’m working on are coming to conclusion. It feels good and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I know your gonna love it when you hear it. Especially Fay-O-la’s project. We’re putting the finishing touches on her songs. We’re are trying to release by the summer. Coming to a show near you.

You hear them real soon.

PS: I getting back into the Dating scene.

Just Finished Another Music Session

The real session run about 6 to 8 hours and they are work. I think artist work harder then regular nine to fivers because of all the odd hours and times we have to work. Like on holidays and weekends. There is no rest if you want to be successful. When your doing the things that you love you don’t see it as work. I think my personal relationships have suffered a lot, but now that I’m older I understand things better.

Well anyway last night I produced a song for Shakti’s up coming release. You should be hearing about it real soon. It’s called “Is This Where Love Ends?” It’s a really good song you’ve got to check it when it’s released in a few months. Anyway talk to ya soon.


WOw! New Year’s Resolutions, Huh!?!?

So far there’s are a lot of opportunities when trying to complete my resolutions. (Which is good) It’s as if while on the journey, that when I turn over one stone there’s many more to be turned over. I’m finding it very difficult to consolidate and prioritize. Just trying to keep from being overwhelmed is a hour task but I’m giving it a great effort.

Well I Reconfigured My Studio

I reconfigured my music studio. I like the way it feels now but it may take a little time to get my ears adjusted to the new configuration with me mixing and all. Some of my new tracks sound awesome. I’d like to put on the net but don’t know if I feel cool enough that the baddies will play nice.  But you know the more I think of it, the good may out weigh the bad. So maybe I’ll put a few mixes and a few tracks for people to get  a little taste of me and my style in who I am. So check back in a couple of days and I’ll have something to show you.

Meanwhile go check out a small video called “WInd” I’ve put together here and tell me what you think leave a comment on youtube

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Now that I’ve Got The Music and Right Artist…

Indiggo Child Productions

Now that I’ve got the music and the right Artist my focus this year will be to make the artist I’m working with more successful. Which means developing their brand and building their fan base. I have the know how but I haven’t made it mandatory with artist in collecting emails after the shows. I’m looking to sell more individual units of each artist, publicize them and try to make them a household name in there markets. The main thing is being consistent. It’s hard when everyone is focused on different things but I will give it a herculean effort.

Also I will do the same for myself building my brand and building my resume. I can’t wait. Looks like it’s gonna be a fun year. 🙂

Relationship With A Musicians? It take’s 2 strong people

When you as an musician are trying to have a relationship with someone who’s not. Trying to survive on the gig’s and product sales sometimes could be very daunting. The swing of income varies widely varies from successful to a struggling artist. Sometimes it’s not understood that this is a business and you are running your life as a business. Also that your business hours are not the same as a 9-5. Most music deals are secured after hours sometimes in the we hours of the morning. Along with shows and appearances. That’s why your other half has to be strong. If your a producer like myself you often have to produce music and record and sell or try to get it picked up and this process could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

That’s just on personal level what about the fan level. When adoring fans and groupies start to throw stuff at you or pour it on thick. Both parties have to be strong because one has to refrain from temptation and the other has to be very trusting, with no jealously and very understanding. I’ve seen only a very few musicians relationship work because of this.


Visiting International African Arts Festival

It was beautiful, hot-fun and the feel was relaxed. I just simply loved it! I didn’t mind the crowd because everyone was in good spirits. I went to watch SOAQ perform with Collective Flow.

Crazy our car broke down before we even got there, on the Jackie Robinson Highway. So we had to get out and push. Me, S.O.A.Q., and Tre Dee in 90 Degree weather uphill. Wow! That was tough!. That lasted for about 100 feet until a cop car came and pushed us to the next exit.

We still got there for the last 30minutes of the performance and “killed it”! We got other shows booked from there. I had a great time, even with the pushing, because these are good heart classy people. People you would go out of your way to help them out and they would do it for you. Not fake people. People you can consider family. Not to many people like that in this world.

Anyway I got vid clips also and I will be posting them very soon after they’re processed.

Talk Soon

Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts

Setting up the mix

Setting up the mix

International African Arts Festival

International African Arts Festival

Setting It Off On Stage

Setting It Off On Stage

International African Arts Festival

International African Arts Festival

Jazze Moto, New World, Tre Dee, S.O.A.Q., Guest 1, Guest 2, and Hazell

Jazze Moto, New World, Tre Dee, S.O.A.Q., Guest 1, Guest 2, and Hazell

Don't forget the Baby Imhotep

Don't forget Charlie Watts the videographer and the Baby Imhotep

International African Arts Festival

International African Arts Festival

Eve Soto At The Creative Music and Arts Festival June 29th 2009

Eve Soto at the Creative Music and Arts Festival at First Presbyterian Church Of Mount Vernon on June 29th 2009. We had a great time for a last second show. S.O.A.Q and Tre Dee of collective flow performed with Eve Soto and Ivy Soto. The energy was low until we took the stage we hyped the event up and we all had a great time. We also got re-booked for other shows after this.

The Present Doesn’t Equal The Past

Working with Eve Soto last night on a remake of an old track called “Baby Luv” we came upon a conversations on how we’re approaching making music compared to the way we did it in the past. It seems in the past, while trying to approach the labels, they’d want a song similar to what ever was popular at the time. So we’d rush and get a track half ass finished and it would sound great but it sounded to much like that popular artist or hit at the time. I hated doing stuff like that because it never showed our true work.

Now we don’t care! We’re doing it for the love and because we love music. The material is coming out ridiculously crazy hot! It doesn’t sound like anyone and it’s unique. I can’t wait for all of you to enjoy it. Because all of you who know Eve Soto you know what her voice sounds like and whats she’s capable of.

She’ll be releasing her debut album on Indiggo Child Music in September 2009

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