New Single From The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

Just got it mastered and it sounds monster working on May 20, 2014 release day. It’s featuring The Black Xavier, Natural L.G. and Tony Born. It’s bass driven punch and was created to show off the artist skills. This ones definitely for the clubs as it thumps. Also to co-inside with the new X-Men release in the movies. So look out for it soon.

Another Year, A Few More Gray Hairs

Yes it seems some bad decisions were made last year which had a dramatic effect upon my business. That won’t happen anymore. I look forward to the new relationships I’ve formed and the ones are to be formed. I love this business and I love the creative people just like myself. When it’s right it’s real right. That’s something I’ve learned. I plan to venture out to more then just music, I planned to do more videos and improve on there quality, then eventually get into making movies.

One other thing… money can make you feel comfortable but you can’t take it with you to the grave. All I’m saying is that I enjoy my life and live it to the fullest. I hope everyone who reads this does the same. No use going through life being depressed and ungrateful. I believe everyone has something to offer whether good or bad there’s always something to learn.