S.O.A.Q.’s Amazing Journey

S.O.A.Q. and Michael Bloomberg

S.O.A.Q. and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

S.O.A.Q., Tre Dee and KRS One

S.O.A.Q., Tre Dee of Collective Flow and KRS One

S.O.A.Q. and LL Cool J

S.O.A.Q. and LL Cool J

These are a few images from S.O.A.Q.’s amazing Journey. You can find more at SoulSensualSoaq.com . Listen, look and leave a comment.

His super hot debut album “Can This Be Real?”is blazing and will be out this summer 2009.

One thought on “S.O.A.Q.’s Amazing Journey

  1. SOAQ is an amazing artist and deserves all the success that is coming to him. His talent is pure and his heart so big that when you listen to his music you are being embraced by a manifestation of God’s excellence. God has indeed blessed him! His greatness on and off the stage is magnified by the lives he finds himself involved with daily. He will do anything for his people and for the youth. The true question is can he be real. I recommend everyone to check this man out ASAP!

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