Wize Life Assessment

So I’m sitting here about 1:30AM in the morning on a Saturday night and just doing a reassessment of my life and what I want out of it. Of course the general thing that most people want like money and fame are not so important to me. I like to have financial security of course but I won’t be cut through to anyone including people I don’t like to get there.

Love – I just want to be happy and comfortable no pressure on me and I won’t put any on my other half. Hopefully a soul-mate with chemistry and loyalty.

Intelligence – I do enjoy learning new things because it makes me feel on top of the world and gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Music – It’s my life, it’s a source of mystery and contentment. It’s a soother a comforter. It’s love and hate. It has colors and dynamics that take me to places farther then I could of ever believe. Farther then I can ever imagine in a robust and bold imagination. A never ending story where theres always something veraciously new to discover. A place to get lost, a place of no worries, a place of wonderous art and pleasureful taboos. A place to find ones true self, a place where it’s cool to be alone as well as with many at the same time. A place of inspiration and creativity. A place of understanding and non-understanding. I walk the life of a true musician and very proud of it. I will never make excuses as I’ve done in the past. I will do what pleases me and I will please myself in what I do.

Financial – I’m ready to accept what life has to present to me. Instead of running away from it as in the past.

Friendship – I love my friends a great deal and they love me.(Great feeling)



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