It’s All About Sex When Promoting

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It’s all about sex when promoting

After having a good talk with a friend, he pointed out something which I’ve known but recently overlooked. It’s all about sex when promoting anything. These subtle nuances added to a product promotion always are triggers for people to be interested. Whether music, cars, applesauce and so on.

its all about sex when promoting - runjoerun image

I am a musician by heart and a study on promotion and marketing, in which I have recently become more in depth. I would figure it would be more man than women are interested in this premise but as I examine the issue, I find that women are of equal showing. My unprofessional guess is that people are always searching for the things in life that will improve their lives. They may not be satisfied in what they have or they may be satisfied and just want improvement. So when you show them a guy or girl with the physical characteristics with whom they can subconsciously put themselves with, they get sucked in without knowing.

Within the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try and experiment with this premise. I’m going to make ADs with people who have great physical attributes and people with less physical attributes. I want to see which one of these approaches fair better. I will keep a keen eye on people reactions to both to see if there is truth in this.

I’ve never been a study on what fairs better, but in this case, I’m very intrigued in what will take place. I’ve already had assumptions and I want to prove or disprove them. My reason, I want to become more successful on turnover rates when marketing products. I want to see the results so I can apply the solution to this premise to everything I’m selling or promoting.


People say that “Sex Sells”, I want to see how true this is.

Sitting at Flushing Marina

Raining listening to all of the music I created last year. My first thoughts really ‘not half bad’. I have to figure away to release them. I don’t want to give it away but all the steaming music (spotify, pandora, beats) companies are trying to rape us musicians. Really 1000th of a penny for a stream. Who can live off this. It’s a shame I thought my music career would lead to bigger and better things. Now all I have is questions. Because the only people getting paid is these steaming services. How can you really get paid for what you love when it’s not lucrative anymore?

What A Dreary Day

On a day like this you got to kick yourself in your own ass to get things done. It’s been rainy all last weekend and now the start of this week. Wow! I know March is supposed to be the rainy season but I can’t wait for the sun.

Tiger Woods Should Leave His Marriage

Tiger Woods Should Leave

I think there’s no salvaging his married life after his promiscuities, just picking up the pieces. So his wife wants more money for her to stay, wow, that’s not a marriage it a business arrangement. And in any business arrangement it just comes down to money. He never really wanted to have his family, he just wanted a babies momma. (Look at Lebron James’s situation). Or just married someone who let’s him sleep around like all of these professional player do. Or better yet he should of stayed an unmarried playboy. Hey Tiger, your better off just leaving and starting over again because after sleeping around with more then 10 women the no coming back from that. Unless your marriage is truly just about love you should leave because if you stay, your gonna have to prepare yourself and really think about how much money your ready to give up before she leaves anyway?

In the history of the world big business man always have some sort of mistresses along with their regular families, especially in the Asian and Italian cultures. Wow look at some parts in Africa where the more money you have the more wifes you can have. So why is everyone so surprised. It’s just a clash of cultures. He should of married a women who understand this.

If you are married with 2 kids and you found out that your partner was fooling around with over 10 people would you leave?

If in the same situation your other half through 88 million dollars at you to stay, would you stay?

Wize Life Assessment

So I’m sitting here about 1:30AM in the morning on a Saturday night and just doing a reassessment of my life and what I want out of it. Of course the general thing that most people want like money and fame are not so important to me. I like to have financial security of course but I won’t be cut through to anyone including people I don’t like to get there.

Love – I just want to be happy and comfortable no pressure on me and I won’t put any on my other half. Hopefully a soul-mate with chemistry and loyalty.

Intelligence – I do enjoy learning new things because it makes me feel on top of the world and gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Music – It’s my life, it’s a source of mystery and contentment. It’s a soother a comforter. It’s love and hate. It has colors and dynamics that take me to places farther then I could of ever believe. Farther then I can ever imagine in a robust and bold imagination. A never ending story where theres always something veraciously new to discover. A place to get lost, a place of no worries, a place of wonderous art and pleasureful taboos. A place to find ones true self, a place where it’s cool to be alone as well as with many at the same time. A place of inspiration and creativity. A place of understanding and non-understanding. I walk the life of a true musician and very proud of it. I will never make excuses as I’ve done in the past. I will do what pleases me and I will please myself in what I do.

Financial – I’m ready to accept what life has to present to me. Instead of running away from it as in the past.

Friendship – I love my friends a great deal and they love me.(Great feeling)

Can a person change their personality?


I think the question really should be, Why would you want to? Well I think certain situations in life determine how you should respond. If your not use to being those situations then you won’t do a good job at it, whatever it is. Which means you’ll feel uncomfortable then lowering your self esteem. Learning how to “be” in any and all is the trick, this can give you a connection in life which in turn will help you to relax. So I ask you is this changing your personality or just a life lesson?


Just got finish helping a friend in a wheel chair get situated in his apartment. This nursing hospital was treating him like shit. Him being independent he wanted to just go. So he being my best friend I said no probs. I’ll help. How far would you go to help a friend?


Whenever that close feeling overcomes me I push even harder. Because no one else will be there to have my back. Yes you have friends you love but to be a good friend you have to hold your part.

I think I know what to Do

Sorry everyone I’ve been working on the my alter ego project niggablack. It’s coming out great but I’ve got to warn it’s in your face and crass.

So I think I know what to do and that is to improve my social and networking skills. That’s it. So I’ll be working on that from now until the end of the year. I will be uploading a new song on Saturday this week from “niggablack”. One of the more tame songs so you can get a vibe. Oh yea and Danielle’s project is coming out great so I’ll start letting you hear snippets of her work soon.