Tiger Woods Should Leave His Marriage

Tiger Woods Should Leave

I think there’s no salvaging his married life after his promiscuities, just picking up the pieces. So his wife wants more money for her to stay, wow, that’s not a marriage it a business arrangement. And in any business arrangement it just comes down to money. He never really wanted to have his family, he just wanted a babies momma. (Look at Lebron James’s situation). Or just married someone who let’s him sleep around like all of these professional player do. Or better yet he should of stayed an unmarried playboy. Hey Tiger, your better off just leaving and starting over again because after sleeping around with more then 10 women the no coming back from that. Unless your marriage is truly just about love you should leave because if you stay, your gonna have to prepare yourself and really think about how much money your ready to give up before she leaves anyway?

In the history of the world big business man always have some sort of mistresses along with their regular families, especially in the Asian and Italian cultures. Wow look at some parts in Africa where the more money you have the more wifes you can have. So why is everyone so surprised. It’s just a clash of cultures. He should of married a women who understand this.

If you are married with 2 kids and you found out that your partner was fooling around with over 10 people would you leave?

If in the same situation your other half through 88 million dollars at you to stay, would you stay?

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