Over 10 Years Without Sex and I’m Not Crazy

I’ve gone over 10 years without sex and I’m not crazy. Do I want to have it? Yes of course. Will I settle for just anyone? No.  I hope I meet the woman of my dreams but I seem to be looking at the world through jaded glasses of 10 years ago. It’s just like when you search for a job, that expectation of not knowing what’s in store and hoping it’s the right fit. That proof you want to prove to yourself and others that you deserve it. I’ve been focused on that one big push and that one big goal and I’ve haven’t been able to smell the coffee and take in the sites.

What if I never reach my goal? I would be just reaching and never achieving. I’m using sex as a literal meaning and a metaphor of life and wanting to use my skills for what they’re supposed to be used for.

Midnight coffee and exercise on a Friday night in June




Sitting in the pool hall/lounge drinking some ice coffee pondering if I should do a midnight workout. I’ve got 2 miles in front of me. Trying to get back on track with the healthy eating and blood sugar control. I had a scare today because it measured at 266-299-265. If I need anything to kick me in my ass that is it to get back on my diet and exercise routine. I love it because I can eat really good and often by staying away from complex carbohydrates and processed foods. While being and thriving on the move.

As I’m sitting here in the Carobe pool hall I’m listening to all the new dance EDM records and I’m just thinking I’ve got to step my game up. I’ve got to listen to the radio just a tad little more.

Shot a Video For Natural L.G.

Shot a Video a video for one of the artist I work with Natural L.G.  We did it while we were at a barbecue was my first and I had a good time. At least there was food. I took my time and a got a good portion of b-roll but the only thing is that we didn’t have any good looking females that showed up. So we had to plan another day to complete. I want to finish the editing  fast so I don’t get backed up with other projects.

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