It’s Put Up Or Shut Up Time

This is my time to put up or shut up. i have the goods all I need to do is have that Showcase. You know the one that brings everyone around and let’s them know that I’m the Producer who’s making this.

It has to be more then one format for this anyway. Performance and in the way of face to and stage to face. I’m on the stage.

Which is better Tunecore or CD Baby?

This is a response I wrote to a question, which is better Tunecore or CD Baby?

I’ve been using CD Baby (10y) and I just uploaded a single on Tunecore. I even had brick & mortar distribution before CDBaby. It seems that CDBaby has more digital distribution options then Tunecore. However not one will bring you the money or sales your looking for unless you put all of your money into promotion and marketing.

You have to find some way to reach a mass audience whether getting on terrestrial radio, a blog with tons of followers, or playing a big venue with a mass amount of fans(opening up for a well known artist), a well known DJ to cosign your record and play it in all his sets.
(that is if your doing it independent)

You won’t see any real money by just sitting at home behind a computer and hoping someone will like it over the mass amount of musicians and great music available. Tunecore, CDBaby are tools just like Social Networks Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Unfortunately that’s why you may hear something terrible on radio or played in a club because there promotion game is great.

Look nothing is going to work unless you have a good plan, a decent budget, the right persons to know so you don’t get ripped off and a tiny infinitesimal amount of luck. Because we all know this ain’t about luck. It’s about how smart and how hard your willing to work and the resolve/effort in the way you stick to your plan.

Ha! Then after all that’s done you still have to worry about someone putting your music on a free download website (which it has been done to me -there like roaches).

In the end you just have to have a strong will to be successful in this business

Keep Pushing Positive

Keep Pushing Positive

When your doing something you love and things seems dark and bleak keep pushing positive because that’s when things start to break. In the entertainment business especially if you don’t set your goals and try to achieve them you’ll get lost in the sauce. So keep pushing positive and don’t let anyone knock you out of your dreams and goals.


It’s 4:22 AM and I Have Mush Mouth

It’s 4:22 AM and I Have Mush Mouth


You know when you wake up in the morning and your mouth taste like a piece of carpet has been it all night. Also a little drivel just enough wet saliva or drool on the side of your face. Dam what a bitch!

1st – I’m glad that summer is about to appear finally

2nd – What’s up with my dream in music where I work so hard and receive so little, I feel people are start to ask questions

3rd – The trust factor is very strained with every new person I try to help

4th – I really love what I do

5th – I hope I meet many new people and network where we can help each other survive

6th – My goal of 50 thousand units is still a must

Sign Of The Times – I Salute A Good Friend

As I go father into the music business I’m starting to really under stand the strength of relationships. A good friend if mine past away this morning. Key Hyman I knew her for years and she was a great person.¬† I value the people that are in my circle and I’d like to build these relationships and grow them. I’ve had a few of my friend with health scares and comebacks. I treasure having the opportunity knowing these people.

Missed the debates last night Obama vs Romney

I missed the first debate last night of Obama vs Romney. I hear everyone say that Obama lost and Romney won. I can help but believe that at this point in my life that no one really looks out for me except for myself. I don’t really trust any of these¬†candidates because they always have a hidden agenda. It seems straight forward that we are voting for a way of thinking. Some people are voting because they are racist. But I wonder if people knew the real truth would vote there heart or vote an ideology.