Midnight coffee and exercise on a Friday night in June




Sitting in the pool hall/lounge drinking some ice coffee pondering if I should do a midnight workout. I’ve got 2 miles in front of me. Trying to get back on track with the healthy eating and blood sugar control. I had a scare today because it measured at 266-299-265. If I need anything to kick me in my ass that is it to get back on my diet and exercise routine. I love it because I can eat really good and often by staying away from complex carbohydrates and processed foods. While being and thriving on the move.

As I’m sitting here in the Carobe pool hall I’m listening to all the new dance EDM records and I’m just thinking I’ve got to step my game up. I’ve got to listen to the radio just a tad little more.

Sitting at Flushing Marina

Raining listening to all of the music I created last year. My first thoughts really ‘not half bad’. I have to figure away to release them. I don’t want to give it away but all the steaming music (spotify, pandora, beats) companies are trying to rape us musicians. Really 1000th of a penny for a stream. Who can live off this. It’s a shame I thought my music career would lead to bigger and better things. Now all I have is questions. Because the only people getting paid is these steaming services. How can you really get paid for what you love when it’s not lucrative anymore?