Eve Soto At The Creative Music and Arts Festival June 29th 2009

Eve Soto at the Creative Music and Arts Festival at First Presbyterian Church Of Mount Vernon on June 29th 2009. We had a great time for a last second show. S.O.A.Q and Tre Dee of collective flow performed with Eve Soto and Ivy Soto. The energy was low until we took the stage we hyped the event up and we all had a great time. We also got re-booked for other shows after this.

S.O.A.Q. and Tre Dee at Brooklyn Public Access “Straight Up TV”

S.O.A.Q. and Tre Dee of Collective Flow at Brooklyn Public Access “Straight Up TV”

Visiting a television show in Brooklyn called “Straight Up TV” these guys have

great chemistry. It was a pleasure to be there.

Start selling music on line


I’m gonna start selling music and tracks on line through Paypal and Google. I will set a page up so people can see and respond to it. I will also determine the best way to promote my music, songs, and my ability.