Sign Of The Times – I Salute A Good Friend

As I go father into the music business I’m starting to really under stand the strength of relationships. A good friend if mine past away this morning. Key Hyman I knew her for years and she was a great person.¬† I value the people that are in my circle and I’d like to build these relationships and grow them. I’ve had a few of my friend with health scares and comebacks. I treasure having the opportunity knowing these people.

Missed the debates last night Obama vs Romney

I missed the first debate last night of Obama vs Romney. I hear everyone say that Obama lost and Romney won. I can help but believe that at this point in my life that no one really looks out for me except for myself. I don’t really trust any of these¬†candidates because they always have a hidden agenda. It seems straight forward that we are voting for a way of thinking. Some people are voting because they are racist. But I wonder if people knew the real truth would vote there heart or vote an ideology.

Working with a Live Hired band can be a bitch!

Whew!!! Never knew it can be so hard! I’m blazing right now. The average age that I’m using for this particular band is over 50 and they are acting like little boys. I’m trying to get them more work but I don’t feel secure enough to bring anyone important to see them. They have their little clicks like high school. I don’t want to be a asshole and let the ghetto come (which I’m not) but it seem like I have to to get my point across and keep everyone on the same page.


Anyway I’ll keep you updated(disappointed)